Customers “friend” businesses they frequent

Everyone knows that a half billion people are now signed up with Facebook. Among online shoppers, 56% interact with social media. And of those, 81% use Facebook.

Even though most shoppers follow fewer than 5 retailers, it’s no surprise that merchants are creating–or at least thinking about launching–a presence on Facebook.

But the question remains: If you build it will they come? The answer: Maybe.  Most shoppers who do “friend” companies follow between 1 and 5 merchants.

A report by Kevin Ertell, Vice President of Retail Strategy at ForeSee Results, an Ann Arbor, Michigan, customer satisfaction measurement company, supports an increasingly familiar conclusion: “It is likely that the customers who are more satisfied and loyal to begin with are the ones who will friend us on Facebook…”

The chart above, from the ForeSee Results report, summarizes the predictable reasons why customers follow businesses.

Interestingly, though, retailers that provide rewarding social media experiences for their fans generate even more loyalty and greater likelihood that those fans will buy from them in the future, the report notes.

To download the free report, “The Key to Driving Retail Success with Social Media,” you’ll need to register on the ForeSee Results Web site. Click on the name of the report, near the bottom of this page.

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