“Limited-time-offer” gets best e-mail responses

If you’re sending e-mails to customers, the following research, announced in late June by Experian should be of interest.

Experian, which operates CheetahMail, discovered that “almost half (47%) of transactions and three-quarters of opens and clicks occur within one day of the email receipt.”  Findings from the study specify Customer response times for both transactions and revenue varied by industry.  Business products and services had the quickest response: 52% of transactions and 79% of revenue were realized in the first day.

The slowest industry for e-mail resonse was travel, which had only 13% of transactions and 11% of revenue realized on the first day.

Subject lines indicating time-limited offers were most successful in getting recipients to act: 59% did so on day one.

To read the press release announcing all of these statistics, plus several more, click here.

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