A professional-looking Web site reassures buyers

Building trust onlineWeb Marketing Today is one of the online publications I read regularly. This morning, a guest column by copywriting expert Jeff Sexton caught my eye. The column was about buyer anxiety and the importance of overcoming it. Here’s part of what Jeff wrote:

“People want to feel good about the people and organizations with whom they do business. A decent Web design, professional logos, and an overall feel of professionalism does a lot to minimize buyer anxiety in this area.

“Back in, say, 2005 you could get away with a fairly amateurish website from a design standpoint, so long as your messaging and offer were strong. That’s no longer the case today.

“People expect sound design as a matter of course. If your site doesn’t measure up, you instantly raise buyer anxiety and suspicion, and persuasion becomes an uphill battle from there.”

Of course, it takes more than a professional-looking Web site to make buyers feel comfortable buying from you. But meeting you online is similar to meeting you in person: First impressions really do matter.

To read the entire column, click here.

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