Social media marketing for business

Good social media tools and advice make it easier for any business to launch and sustain a well-rounded marketing campaign.

In her June 3, 2009 blog post, Rachel Globus, Editor and Education Director of  Event Solutions, wrote about  three key social marketing tips. Her advice, summarized below, is just as valid today:

  1. Don’t sell yourself. Of course, we’re all selling ourselves when we enter social media space. But remember that social media, like networking events, are spaces for starting and nurturing relationships, not blatantly self-promoting. So whether you’re on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or a blog, be polite and to the point. Most important, be a good listener.
  2. Add something to the conversation. Social media is all about having real conversations with real people. Before you post anything, ask yourself: Is it new, or useful, or interesting? If  not, you won’t gain anything by adding it.
  3. Make social media one element of a diversified marketing mix. Should you throw away your beautiful brochures or your print ads and concentrate solely on your Facebook page and Twitter account? Absolutely not. Social media help you strengthen your message and build relationships with current and prospective clients. They shouldn’t be the only tools in your belt, but they should be part of your overall marketing mix.

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