Top social media sites? B2B or B2C?

Here’s a continuation of what we showed you about social media yesterday. This report, however, is from Hubspot, a company that specializes in inbound marketing–or drawing customers to businesses rather than pushing sales messages outward.

As you can see once again, the success that marketers had with various social media channels depended on whether they were selling to consumers or to other businesses.

Instead of the, “very or somewhat effective” responses given in the Marketing Sherpa chart, the Hubspot¬† study measured which channels had resulted in the acquisition of a customer. Once again, blogging scored very high in both the B2B and B2C categories. Facebook was strongest in B2C marketing. And LinkedIn was the best social media channel for those businesses selling to other businesses.

So once again, here’s the takeaway: All your friends may be saying, “You have to be on Facebook.” The truth is: You don’t necessarily have to be on Facebook. You need to be where your customers are.¬† Check around. Look for names of your customers on all of the channels. Then look to see where your competitors are trying to interact with and attract customers.

That simple and cost-free exercise will tell you how best to spend your time, and possibly, your money, on social media.

  1. Georgio says:

    Great stats on social media platforms. However, current popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are for consumers, so it is good for B2C advertising, but they are not ideal for B2B companies to advertise there, since the needs of B2B companies are completely different. LinkedIn is for business professionals as a career and recruiting resource, also not for B2B trade and lead generation.

    To address this, we’re working on (, which is a B2B social media site. The key difference for MyTradeZone is that only businesses can sign up, and a business can create their company profile, post their products or services, request price quotes, follow other businesses, and generate leads.

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