About Us

JBA Media GroupWelcome to “One-minute Marketing,” theĀ  blog of JBA Media Group. We’re a Long Island marketing company that specializes in custom Web, e-mail, blog, social media, and print programs.

For more than 25 years, we have helped businesses stand out from their competitors. We work with business owners to create marketing programs designed to attract customers, enhance loyalty, and increase sales.

The goal of our company–and of this blog–is to help you build your business. There’s a great deal of wonderful marketing advice out there–from many gifted individuals and organizations. We will try to bring you some of the best of it.

What we will offer: Our focus will be to seek–and share–some of the most interesting and useful marketing ideas that we come across. We’ll share ideas that we believe are actionable for you and your small business, no matter what business you’re in.

What we won’t post: Equally important, our goal is to help make marketing easy and affordable. So even though there’s a wealth of marketing advice out there, we’ll pass on discussing costly strategies that we don’t have the time or resources to implement– and suspect you don’t either!

Quick advice: We’re concentrating on ease and affordability. So we’re going to keep it simple: You’ll be able to read each post in about a minute. If you want to learn more about the information or tips you see, we’ll provide a link to the original source. We also will categorize all marketing tips by subject–e.g., Web site design, e-mail marketing, social media, etc. That way, you can find exactly what interests you at any given time.

We hope you agree that “One-minute marketing” is a useful way to spend one minute of your busy day!

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