Check out our latest marketing brochure!

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JBA Media Group marketing brochureWe’re delighted to share our latest print publication: an 8-page marketing brochure designed to help bring new business to the Village of Great Neck Plaza, on Long Island.

The Village of Great Neck Plaza wants to attract real estate developers, businesses, and tenants to the vibrant downtown area. This publication was designed to show readers all of the reasons that the Village of Great Neck Plaza could be the perfect fit for them!

See our new marketing brochure.

To Steve Jobs: A personal thank-you

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I bought my first computer, a PC, in 1982. For various reasons, I have never owned a Mac–or any Apple product, for that matter.

Yet Steve Jobs has always been a larger-than-life inspiration. He also has influenced my professional life in ways I hadn’t realized.

I’ll never forget the first time I saw a Mac, with its amazing graphical user interface–allowing users to click on images instead of having to refer to a complicated cheat sheet of text commands, to do anything. It  truly was a transcendent experience.

Since then, every art director I’ve ever worked with has used a Mac. Every Web or print project I’ve ever produced has been uploaded to a printing company or Webmaster via a Mac. Yet until yesterday, for example, I hadn’t known that it was Steve’s college calligraphy class that influenced his decision to offer a variety of  fonts in Apple computers–a revolutionary concept at the time.

Thank you, Steve, for creating so much that has informed and improved all of our lives–in ways that some of us still may not realize.

Mobile market set to expand

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Everyone knows that the mobile market, so far, has been limited mostly to teens and young adults. Especially when it comes to those who’ve signed up to permit ad messages to come to them.  (See our earlier post on location-based marketing.)

For marketers, however, new statistics on smartphone penetration show that the time to start paying more attention to mobile opportunities may be coming soon. An article on Marketing Sherpa indicates that in the past two years, use of smartphones has increased from 10% of consumers to 26%.

Here’s what senior reporter Adam T. Sutton said about the growing use of smartphones and its implications for marketers:

In January 2010, it felt like it could have been the year when mobile marketing rose to prominence. By October, smartphones represented one in four mobile subscribers, compared to just one in 10 two years prior, according to comScore. But looking back on the year, it is clear that mobile marketing is still emerging.

Marketers have not adopted mobile strategies in large numbers. However, many have started experimenting with SMS, mobile websites and mobile apps — similar to how marketers experimented with social marketing in 2009.”

Change is, indeed, coming more slowly than most experts predicted.  But marketers who want to reach young people and lure them to their retail stores or restaurants should start paying more attention to mobile market opportunities.

Want to reach over-30′s who have smartphones? Gotta wait a while.

To read the entire article, click here.

Welcome to our new marketing tips blog!

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JBA Media Group LogoWelcome to “One-minute Marketing,” the new blog of JBA Media Group. We’re a Long Island marketing company that specializes in Web and print integrated marketing and custom content.

The goal of our company–and of this blog–is to help you build your business. There’s a ton of  great marketing advice out there–from many amazingly gifted individuals and organizations.

What we will offer: Our focus will be to seek–and share–some of the most interesting and useful ideas that we come across. We’ll share ideas that we believe are actionable for you and your small business, no matter what business you’re in.

What we won’t post: Equally important, our goal is to help make marketing easy and affordable. So even though there’s a wealth of marketing advice out there, we’ll pass on sharing strategies that we don’t have the time or resources to implement– and suspect you don’t either!

Quick advice: You’ll be able to read each post in about a minute. If you want to learn more about the information or tips you see, we’ll link to the original source. And we’ll categorize tips by subject–e.g., Web site design, e-mail marketing, social media, etc.

We hope you agree that “One-minute marketing” is a useful way to spend one minute of your busy day!