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Small business owners and search

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Like lots of other people, I bought a MegaMillion ticket last Friday, and spent hours deciding how I’d spend the $640 million. I wound up with a good mix of the charitable, the frivolous, and some sound investments to ensure that the money lasts.

It’s easy, I fantasized: “Spend a buck, win a gazillion dollars.”

Lots of small business owners view Google rankings in much the same way: “Pay someone to optimize my Web site, watch the rankings soar.” Or even better, “Slap up a Facebook page and watch the new orders pour in.”

This kind of stuff  is called “magical thinking.”

I just saw a pretty good reality check, from Carl Weiss in yesterday’s SiteProNews:

“While even the smallest of businesses can generate page 1 results on Google today, it is a far more complicated affair. And in the wired world, complicated translates into time and money. Whereas back in 2000, it was relatively simple to have an SEO expert tune up your homepage, in the modern world of Internet marketing, there are 31 points of light that every search engine spider alights on today, including such things as blogs, social networks, backlinks, and video. If your web presence is lacking in any of these, or you aren’t adding compelling content to them on at least a weekly basis, then your chances of achieving a page 1 result are slim at best…

“Not only are there far more stops on the technology train in 2012 then there were in 2000, but a number of the stops have siderails. Consider social networking. If you are serious about making the grade online, then being on Facebook (the second most visited destination online after Google) isn’t enough. You also need to Tweet. Not to mention the fact that back in November of 2011 Google launched its own social network Google+. So if you are looking to make the grade with Google, it’s probably a good idea to add this to your marketing mix as well.”

Ah, yes. Fantasies are fun….. I wonder how much I’ll win in this week’s lottery. As for the rest of it, I’d better get back to work.

To read the rest of the SiteProNews article, click here.

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Small business marketing plans encouraging

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Finally, some good news about small business owners’ outlook for the future. Signs of increasing optimism have finally shown up as concrete numbers.

A study by MerchantCircle during the first quarter of 2011 shows positive expectations on all fronts.

The numbers certainly aren’t of the pop-the-cork variety. But as most of us know–for better or worse–when companies fear for the future, the first budget item to go is marketing.

At long last, small business owners are planning to spend more on marketing in the next few months. That  means they’re encouraged that their revenue will grow in 2011.

Of course, we’re happy to see the study. But that kind of optimism benefits everyone.

Personal email gets best results

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If you’re sending out e-mails, here’s a useful bit of information from Jay Conrad Levinson, founder of Guerilla Marketing: Personal email is the way to go. Here’s his advice:

“Should you expend the effort to personalize your emails?  Personalized emails generated 42.7% more click-throughs on average to the web copy than non-personalized email.  Personalized emails generated 403% more sales on average than non-personalized emails.  Personalized emails generated 42.8% fewer un-subscribes on average than non-personalized emails.”

E-mail remains top marketing method

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E-mail-marketing.jpgAre you using e-mail to reach existing customers and prospects? Almost every other business is.

A new white paper on e-mail marketing trends, issued by Lyris, an e-mail marketing company, indicates that  e-mail remains the most frequently used marketing method. Here, from “10 Trends that will Make or Break Your Email ROI this Year,” are some interesting insights.

“Trend #1: Email Remains the Cornerstone
Of all the trends to watch, this is the one that many people will
miss simply because it seems so obvious. Email marketing alone
isn’t exactly a hot new trend, but you’ll want to start using email
more effectively in your marketing mix.

The primary reason why email has been, and will continue to
be, the cornerstone of the online marketing world is that it’s the
one method of online marketing that everyone uses….with over
90 percent of companies using email marketing.”

According to Lyris, the second most popular marketing tactic is search engine optimization (SEO), followed by paid search listings, and purchasing display ad space directly from publishers.

To read the entire report (free online registration required), click here.

Why your business needs e-mail marketing

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There are lots of reasons for small businesses to “dip their toes”  into the e-mail marketing pool–even if they’re not yet confident in their ability to swim.

Here are several of our favorites. They’re adapted from a recent feature by Wendy Lowe for MarketingProfs.

  • E-mail marketing is efficient: Once you have customers’ e-mail addresses (and their permission to send e-mails!), you can contact your entire customer base at one time.
  • E-mail is proactive: Customers don’t have to stumble on your ad. You can reach them where they already are–their Inboxes.
  • E-mail lets you truly engage with your customers: You can bring them shopping tips, updates on trends, seasonal items, and special loyalty-program deals on a regular basis.
  • E-mail marketing offers a great ROI: According to research by the Direct Marketing Association, e-mail marketing generated a return on investment (ROI) of $43.62 for every dollar spent on it in 2009.

To read the entire article, click here. [Note: Free sign-up required.] To learn more about our custom e-mail programs, click here.