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To Steve Jobs: A personal thank-you

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I bought my first computer, a PC, in 1982. For various reasons, I have never owned a Mac–or any Apple product, for that matter.

Yet Steve Jobs has always been a larger-than-life inspiration. He also has influenced my professional life in ways I hadn’t realized.

I’ll never forget the first time I saw a Mac, with its amazing graphical user interface–allowing users to click on images instead of having to refer to a complicated cheat sheet of text commands, to do anything. It  truly was a transcendent experience.

Since then, every art director I’ve ever worked with has used a Mac. Every Web or print project I’ve ever produced has been uploaded to a printing company or Webmaster via a Mac. Yet until yesterday, for example, I hadn’t known that it was Steve’s college calligraphy class that influenced his decision to offer a variety of  fonts in Apple computers–a revolutionary concept at the time.

Thank you, Steve, for creating so much that has informed and improved all of our lives–in ways that some of us still may not realize.